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Last updated April, 2019

If You do not agree with the Terms and Conditions of this agreement,do not click on sign up button.Once the button is clicked you are bound by the terms of this agreement regardless of whether or not you register for or purchase the service. The Terms and Conditions of this agreement are subject to change by any time, effective upon notice to you ,which notice shall be deemed t have been provided upon our position of the current version of this agreement on the website.

1. Must not be under 20 years old.

2. Must be single.

3. You must verify that the information entered is correct.

4. It is known that incorrect entry will result in legal action.

5. This Agreement is not endorsed by anyone I agree voluntarily.

Privacy Policy

When you visit any website,you are providing a range of personal information about your visit to the operators of the website, depending on the actions you take.

We will never give a third party access to your personal data.

We will only use the personal data you send to us during your visits for the purposes of internal tracking.

This Agreement will remain in full force and effect while You use and/or are a Member of You may terminate Your membership at any time, for any reason, effective upon receipt of Your written notice of termination by customer support staff.

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